Fast IASLog File Parsing

Quick iaslog file parsing - one of the requirements when we design IAS Log Viewer. At the each step of development we are remember about this requirement. Look at aproximate ias log file loading time:

Log size Computer with Pentium II 350Mhz processor RAM 256Mb Computer with Pentium IV 1.8Ghz processor RAM 512Mb
Log size Computer with Pentium II
350Mhz processor, RAM 256Mb
Computer with Pentium IV
1.8Ghz processor, RAM 512Mb
1Mb < 1 sec. < 1 sec.
10Mb ~ 3 sec. < 1 sec.
50Mb ~ 21 sec. ~ 6 sec.
2.4Gb ~ 50 min. ~ 13 min.

Support both IAS-formatted and database-import formats of IAS log file

IAS Log Viewer understands both formats of IAS log files. Without any problems IAS Log Viewer can work with log files where both formats was mixed. IAS Log Viewer determine the format of each line in the RRAS log file on the fly!

Skip bad lines in log file automatically

Sometime RRAS log files can hold bad lines. This lines may appear because of problems in server hardware or software. But this bad lines skipped by IAS Log Viewer automatically! No needs for delete bad lines manually.

Work with log files at real time

IAS Log Viewer work with log files at real-time. You need for open log file only! Any changes in log file immediately shows in IAS Log Viewer! You can run IAS Log Viewer and view connections to RRAS server at real-time!

Work with huge log files

IAS Log Viewer correctly work with huge log files. No any problem for open 2Gb iaslog file and generating reports based on that log file!